12' Inflatable Yellow penis

Discussion in 'Free Junk Come and Get It!' started by Surfdoc, Oct 31, 2010.

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  1. Surfdoc

    Sevlor 3 person Kayak, rolled up in bag now. Inflated with no problem last time I used it.

    Comes with pump.

    You pick it up here in Lemon Grove...............Yes FREE!
  2. ConSeaMate

    Any other inflatable toys Stosh?.........Carl needs a date.....:rofl:......
  3. Baja Bound

    cool when will it be a good time to pick it up and were at
  4. Carl

    Are electronics included? Please specify....Bait system?
  5. bus kid

    I'm on my way, have it inflated for the sea trial...
  6. Fishbones

    What size outboard is it rated to?[​IMG]
  7. Carl

    Is this "Inflatable Knockers" ?
  8. Surfdoc

    This is rated for no more then a 2 C" Vibration.............. and Carl....

    Ride this puppy. you'll forget your fleshlight!

    Seriously......................why do I still have a FREE Kayak ????
  9. Saluki

    "3 person Kayak, rolled up in bag now. Inflated with no problem last time I used it.

    Comes with pump."

    A 3 person inflatable kayak?
    Is the pump manual, 12v, 110v, combo?
    How big of "persons" are we talking about?
    Does it come with paddles?
    Do you have all three sets of paddles (one for each person)?
    How much does it weigh?
    How much does it weigh when inflated?
    Would it be lighter if you filled it with helium?
  10. Saluki

  11. Carl

    Explain "comes with pump"....Is that to liven up days when the fishing is slow?
    Can we use this feature at home when th MLPA's go through?
    Were your lips ever in contact with the inflating "stem"...
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  12. Surfdoc



  13. nunyabizness1

    I'm staying out of this thread... I think I did enough damage yesterday when I was bored without a Giants game to watch in their BYE week!
  14. jimmyvogs

    If this is a real kayak and not a joke I'll pick it up tomorrow afternoon if no one else has. I work in Spring Valley and I get off work at 5. PM me your address and I'll come get it tomorrow.
  15. Simon Bon Bowery

    Ya! I know, I'm now the dancing with the stars at your party...LOL

    Ever see Herman Munster Dance?[​IMG]
  16. Carl

    Do the "Ala-gaytah roll"!
  17. Simon Bon Bowery

    Will it leave a stain in my underwear?
  18. rdrrm8e

    As you should well know by now...no good deed goes unpunished.:finger:
  19. Surfdoc

    Words to live by my Brutha!
  20. Saluki

    Hey peckerhead.
    I helped you get rid of your inflatable yak.

    Congrats on the score.
    Post some pix of it when you get it.
    I probably should have picked it up for the booger eaters, but after busting Stanella's balls he wouldn't have given it to me.