12/30 Castro's ling fiesta and GIANT surf

Discussion in 'Baja Mexico Fishing Reports and Discussion' started by Null&Void, Jan 2, 2006.

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  1. Null&Void

    hit castro's camp the day before new year's with Dru and my buddy Matt who was visiting from Taos. i was concerned about the jumbo swell on the water, but the bottom line was it was fishable and after getting screwed by the flu for 4 days, i was going fishing. period.

    jetting down at 6pm from san diego we did a quickie langosta stop in newport. did some serious white knuckling thru the hills above ensenada, got lost in erindira, we finally made it to castro's at about 11pm. i needed a few shots to settle my nerves.

    the next morning, we were awoke by the sounds of the first panga going into the water. paid for the room and panga and then headed for the water.

    fished a variety of shallow water spots and were treated to some dandy ling cod...full speed!!

    we DESTROYED the lings fishing straight spectra. we also caught some dandy reds. i had 5 straight consecutive drops for either lings, or some quality like this:

    coming back in to the launch ramp was *slightly* fucking hairball. we came back at ass low tide with an increasing swell. fernando, our irie skipper, timed the sets well and "bulged" a wave over an extremely dry reef with about 10 feet of room on either side of the boat. i nearly shat my slickers.:eek:


    headed back to SD at about 2pm and got stuck in a 2 hour border wait from 5pm till about 7pm. heard some dude got shot at the check point minutes after we cleared. glad we didnt have to deal with that! good times........cant wait to go back!:rockin:
  2. Buttchaser

    Nice pics , That place is Cool , I need to get back out there , been about 3 years since my last trip out there .
  3. Kammel Driver

    I was out at the banda bank the very same day out of ensenada. The swells were very big going out in the morning but the afternoon it settled down very nicely. Great pics. I was surprised we didn't get any lings but we were in about 275 to 300 feet of h20. The reds were hugh and the white fish were about 3-5 lbs each. thanks for the report

    Gerry on the Kammel Driver :) :) :) :)
  4. Weazel

    Nice report Vince! That ride in the panga must have been knarly when you came back in!
  5. Captain Curt

    Sounds like fun Vince. Castro's can't be beat for bottom fishing. Thanks for the report and pictures.


    The boat Hanna........
  6. fishnfool

    Haven't been down there in nearly a year but I know exactly how you feel about that return...it can get real knarly. I've seen it pretty rough launching as well but those guys are good at what they do. Good to see the quality lings and reds are on the chew...they usually are down there. Great place to make a quick run to. Sounds like a good time.
  7. Saluki

    Great pix.
    Damn!!!!!! I wish we had Lings & Reds up here like that!!!

    Port or Starboard?
  8. Ali Admin

    Dandy fish.

    You are a queer.
  9. Null&Void

    capt. camel toe-
    you gotta call a negro back bitch! you shoulda gone wif us...better than a hole in the head!

    Gerry- next time you hit those spots down there, try straight tying spectra with a white 6x tipped with squid testicles. our panga skipper irie fernando was fishing a scampi on 20lb mono...i outfished him 6:1 on lings.

    brandon- i'm calling your ass next time we head back down for ling fishing down there. it's the shit!! (literally and figuratively) :D
  10. Null&Void

    here's a coupla more pics cause i aint got sheit ta do.



    will lead to this hangover:

    shot the gap with a little poop in me trousers:


    good timing coming in is everything:

  11. Orca

  12. Null&Void

  13. Mots

    Those sure look like some dandy fish taco critter's:D

    thanks for the pic's
  14. Orca