12-28 pipe, IB- shitty guide service

Discussion in 'Southern California Inshore & Islands Fish Reports' started by Null&Void, Dec 29, 2003.

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  1. Null&Void

    got a late start on sunday with gato gordo. BITTER COLD and i dont move real fast in cold weather. my boys were so cold, it felt like they had moved up into my body cavity in desperate search of warmth. i was late. fucking christ i hate winter.

    bumped into nate (el toro) and mike at the ramp and briefly discussed where each of us would end up freezing our nuts off for the day. they went to mex, we decided to fuck around and try for turd rollers. 1st stop-didnt do so good by the whistler. lots of smelt and bait in the water, but nothing that was able to keep our interest.

    packed it up, headed to the pipe. started in 65 feet and out to 100ft. got there the wrong time for the slack tide. no water, no wind, straight up and down. barely any fucking bites either. moved around, got a few fish, and a lot of short biters. pulled a couple of TR's off it, ali got a calico, and that was all she wrote.

    headed back in, fished my ultra-triple-super-secret-high-security zone spot off north island. got a few spotties on bait, and a good buzz. it was still nice to be on the water.

    ali- i apologize about the shitty guide service. i may have to turn in my beaver patch after a trip like that. :rolleyes:
  2. Ali Admin

    Hey Vince,

    Thanks again. I had a great time even though we didn't catch shit and froze nutsack.

    I was thinking about the weather today. I don't think I can remember a colder day on the water.

    My balls still aren't talking to me.
  3. Sluester

    LMFAO, what do your balls converse about!:D
  4. TheShark


  5. Bigpondonly

    Concur about the cold. Was afraid to take a whiz for fear I wouldn't be able to find it and I'd piss all over the boat! Next time I'm bringing the "toastie toes" hand warmers to stay thawed so I can feel my fingers to tie a knot.
  6. Ali Admin

    Those Toasties sound nice.

    Maybe I'll get a set and cut the finger off for my little man.