12/26 Lake Dixon on fuego.

Discussion in 'Freshwater Fishing Reports' started by ZZZZZ, Dec 27, 2005.

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  1. ZZZZZ

    Met Reid at lake Dixon Monday for Gentlemans hour. I arrived at about 11:30am after a morning surf and he had been fishing since around 8:00am and was getting them so I drove out. I bought some large Crawler and he picked me up in the rental skiff.

    Made our way to a area that we saw a bunch of fish popping. We were site casting to the boils and short gunnning and getting them on water bobber, tiny swivel, 4' 2lb leader, Chartreuse Power Worm. Fun fishing to see a spot pop up and hang them off it. The school moved and we did 3 slow troll laps in the area we were getting them with 1/2 Crawler Power teaser which was good for 1 fish and a spit.

    Worked up near Trout Cove and it was packed. The dudes from the pier were launching their set ups way out making it near impossible to even get into Trout Cove but we saw very little happening there anyways so we made a center drift which was good for a missed fish, water bobber down back up.

    Slow trolled back through were we had been getting them for nothing and we cleared the lines and went down to the dam . Nothing going on down there. No noticeable schools.

    Headed back up to where we got them earlier and decided to drop the pick its now about 1:30pm and we need afternoon justice. We had been drifting last time and short gunning to spots and casting on them. We figured the fish are a bit deeper now and its time for Crawler. We launched our water bobber set ups and dead sticked them. We wanted a very slow flutter down to the bottom then suspened off it and this is how we accomplish that. Tiny swivel, 3.5' of 2lb, small split shot directly below swivel NOT above swivel, Small #10 hook, Half meaty end of Crawler inflated, Chartreuse Power Bait teaser on eye of hook. I had to switch one size up from beebee split shot to sink the bait out. It starts going off. Water bobbers are getting bit. We have triples and doubles on everything. Wow the school came back and we are ALL by ourselves. The Inflated Crawler Power Bait Teaser slow flutter was getting ripped. I switched my water bobber to another inflated Crawler set up and I NEVER could get both baited and out at the same time but once and it resulted in one rod in each hand bent. Dudes we seriously found the school and I feel bad no one else is on it but not too bad. Straight looping Trout as fast as we could get back out. I was thinking there has to be a 6+lber in this school. I get bent good and its a slow strong moving fish. Im thinking I have a big Trout on that is swimming slow maybe its finless LOL but I ended up with a Catfish on 2lb. The Cat was actually taken on Pickels bait. But we did get some nice fish with one of mine around 3lbs.

    The area we were getting them was near the toolies, South East of Trout Cove BUT there is about a 15' gap between the toolies and its becomes a rock shore. Well what we found is directly out from the rocks between the toolies is hard flat bottom NO weeds but surrounded by weeds. That's where the fish settled down for the afternoon and we were there to take advantage of it. Reid has a fish finder being shipped should make this more fun next time.

    Gave our limits away to some dudes I think needed some BBQ material...

    Trout fishing is too much fun. Its like hooking a baby Dorado on 2lb... :_shopping

    Camera phone.


  2. Jaydog

    Looks like you guy's had a blast, cool report with pics.
  3. Pickleboy

    awesome report dude !!!

    that cat must have been fun on the 2# :rofl: :rofl: :)
  4. ZZZZZ

    It handed me :720icon:

    Doug let me know your schedule next weekend.

    misuse has never rode the barrel.
  5. Pickleboy

    I INVITED THAT FUCKER several times but he is afraid his little testes will dissappear

    he brad if you get out try the "JIG " i am very curious how it does on other bodies of water that i dont get to fish , i know it works @ the lakes i frequent
    i like to keep records of that stuff ,

    would be interested in hearing from others who know about it and try it in different bodies of water as well
  6. ZZZZZ

    Oh that type of barrel too, try getting him to go fishing period with you, I scare him.. LOL :rolleyes:

    I tried the jig once and that Cat ate it... I will give it more tosses next outing out that way. It was full speed on the Crawl teaser and when I finally did get 2 baited lower water collum rods out the jig was one of them when I got doubled and I decided its to fast and furious for 2 rods LOL , so what I'm saying is I was going to give it a good testing in water down my way but the fishing was too good once I was rigged to really gauge its effectiveness. I rig them the same or similar as inflated crawler teaser so I can just go back and forth. I will give you PM feed back once I have a answer. :High_Five
  7. Jason Admin

    9lbs is the size to beat my young bradly... Muhahaha!

    I told Doug if I got in to a doughnut that my nads would shrink. I would be banished from saltwater for life.
  8. ZZZZZ

    I don't even think there are any 9lb Trout in there right now.. LOL

    I told you I rediscovered Mexico Viejo and its location. Got a carne asada chimichanga around 9:30 last night. I have been puking since 1:00am till about 20 minutes ago. Have meeting in 30 minutes going back home after, this sucks. First time I have ever got food poisoning at least I think that's what it is with little chunks of carne still whole. Thought I would share. barf
  9. Jason Admin

    Eat at Rico's taco shop. Much better! I grew up eating mexico viejo. I don't go there anymore...

    California burrito at Rico's it the bomb. They have good salsa too.
  10. REIDER


    That was a fun day of fishing! I must have had 5 bites in 3 minutes when they came up on the pworm bobber combo. I think I am going to play hooky because I can and go tommorrow with a buddy from work.

  11. The Magician


    Nice work on the dixon trout and cat dude. That lake is beautiful with the clear water and I would always get amped when I would see the 2-5lb football bass crashing the shad. Thanks for sharing and good job on the limits.
  12. Jason Admin

    Reid teach bradly how to fish please. All I see is you catching limits for the both of you... :D.
  13. ZZZZZ

    Thanks Mitch..

    There is a e in my name fag.... Come out with us oh I guess some largers were caught last week and it just got plugged.

    Reid I think it was more like 6 bites 2 minutes.... dam my cell battery just died cant call you, no #'s stored in brain any longer.