12/24 river

Discussion in 'Winged Hunting Reports' started by dirtyoperator, Dec 25, 2005.

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  1. dirtyoperator

    Jump shot/yaked some small water off the river, for a few handfuls of dove, some quail, three teal and a gadwall. Beautiful weather and good numbers of birds.

  2. Ali Admin

    Nice Bag!

  3. Rob E

    That's a great smorgasbord. Looks like the weather was perfect.

  4. dirtyoperator

    It was nice. Good birding, great weather. Happy holidays guys.
  5. Sluester

    Cool! Nice day down there or what! Quail are still down there in #'s.
    We were talking about getting a real light boat to get at some ducks that we see, but can't get to...... unless you are a mtn. goat.