12.2 Calico Bass

Discussion in 'Southern California Inshore & Islands Fish Reports' started by bight, Aug 29, 2007.

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  1. bight


    Matt Magnone of Baja Vinnies Bait & Tackle nailed this whopping 12.2 pound Calico Bass at the Coronado Islands last week. He was throwing a green & black Kicker 25 -Light surface iron with the textured finish. His intentions were not to kill the fish, but as the calico surfaced a deckhand reached over his shoulder and gaffed it. He was very disappointed and wanted to release the calico. He is certainly happy about the catch though and is doing a 3-D mount of his fish which will sit on top of a rock pedestal.


    thats a god given trohy toad right there! Nice one!
  3. Sherm

    Farking sweet bass there!!!!
  4. Smudge

    Zoiks!! That's a monster. Bummer about the gaff shot, but at least he's goin gto mount it....
  5. GUERO

    holy christ that fat....if he caught it on #20, it's a record................to bad about the retarded fucking deckhand!!!!!!!!!!

    What is it about the new crop of dumb ass' they're giving jobs to????? I've had more run in's lately with noob DH's wanting to kill everything that swims.............sorry Rant off!
  6. Az.monkey

    Dayummmmm ! OINK OINK !
    Get down with your bad ass self Matt :cheers::cheers::cheers:
  7. MacAttack

    Monster! Just too damn bad about being taken out of the gene pool.

    Schmuck on the gaff. :imdumb:
  8. Kurt

    That is one big checker!
  9. SealBeachKid

    That is an incredible fish. Congrats to your friend. What a memorable fish that will be.
    Enough said about the gaff. bum deal. I love when they look like largemouth.
  10. eggszackly

    very very nice. more photos?


  11. iclypso

    That thing must be 30yrs old, probably older than the deckie who stuck it!
  12. The Notorious S.U.A

    thats an awesome fish
    even cooler on the iron
    even cooler than that on 20 lb

    its gonna be a bitchen mount man.
  13. crazetuna

    Congrats... Do you know how long it took for that bass to get that big? Should have netted the fish instead of gaffing, it would of weighed more...
  14. Saluki

    Are you 110% sure?

  15. Kurt

    metric system?
  16. Saluki

    My, what long arms you have.
  17. HuskerHeaven

    Biggest I've seen!
  18. fishn_fReEk16

    Matt likes men.......enough said
  19. calicopro

    What A fucking PIG!!!!:beerbang:

    Too bad it had to die.
  20. kelppatty01

    nice bass!!!!! the big ones can't resist the iron:2gunsfiring_v1: