115P Outboard Motor, Johnson year 2005 Ocean Pro

Discussion in 'Boat Accessories' started by Albrektsen, May 27, 2011.

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  1. Albrektsen

    2005 Johnson Ocean Pro 115HP, 2 Stoke :2gunsfiring_v1: , 25" shaft.

    I just purchased a boat which is currently powered by this motor. I am selling as I have a larger motor I am going to install on my boat.

    This motor was just evaluated (last week at time I purchased the boat) by Johnson dealer Boat Depot. Even compression, lower unit is sound, vacuum tested, spark, fuel and air all excellent. Runs perfect. Mechaninc said there was 475 hours. I have receipt for this $220 sevice and evaluation check up!

    Included is this price is a stainless steel prop (14" x 19P) and Sea Star hydraulic steering cylinder (the piece that connects to the motor, not the helm), these two items alone are valued at over $750. Also includes power trim/tilt.

    NADA Guide value is $2585-$2905, not including the prop and hydraulic steering.

    Model J115PXSR
    Serial 05093871

    Excellent condition, clean under hood and outside, no corrosion or dents. Fully turn key and ready to be attached to your boat. I will be swapping the motors next week and after that, the motor will be at the mechanic's shop. You can have this person hang the motor on your boat or haul it away.
    Priced at $2300.

  2. Slater

    2005 Johnson Ocean Pro 115HP, 2 Stoke [​IMG] , 25" shaft.
  3. R&R

    Sounds like a nice motor, were do you live?