10-6-10-9 San Quintin K&M Sportfishing

Discussion in 'Baja Mexico Fishing Reports and Discussion' started by ZZZZZ, Oct 10, 2006.

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  1. ZZZZZ


    We fished with Kelly Captain K&M Sportfishing Saturday, Sunday, and Monday, Reid and Chris Peirce for crew. Kelly has allot of the pictures, I took very few but here they are.

    Day 1.
    We tried for the C-bass and went to a radical area and had tough fishing. I wanted to go back to the spot we drilled the fat C-bass from last trip but obviously nothing is ever a slam dunk especially C-bass, We caught none and saw none. But we gave it good effort. The day we arrived Oscar, Kelly's son had I think 6 C-Bass along the beach. They are still there thats for sure. They bit a few days before the front side but we had the back side. I think they will chew again in a few days...

    Burning morning moon to the West

    Sunrise to the East

    Day 2.
    We fished San Martin Island for Calicos and had fun fishing on those fish, Mostly Rubber fishing. Nothing big but nice grade. We stayed over night on the anchor and had a killer BBQ with all fixings. We were kind of laughing because we all had our own bag of pre made salad with dressing, croutons, ect. Kind of had to be there. Reid was killing it in a super matted area. Firing the swim bait deep deep into the bush penetrating it. Fish would boil or swirl in the very few holes in the kelp and Reid nailed allot of them site casting to the boils. Not easy and takes very good casting coordination not to mention wrestling them out. Chris and Kelly free dove this day...




    We had a spot of bait getting punished about a 10x10' spot looked like Bass on edge of Kelp. I fire drilled a 7X up side swell and slow wound it right through the edge and we saw the jig get waked. Looked like a Yellow wake but it was a Bass. 6.4-6.12 LOL I still dont trust those scales.


    On the pick. BBQ soon yummy.



    Day 3.
    We fished San Martin again for some of the same fishing. Chris picked up a Yellow day 2 and day 3 WTG Chris. He was a Yellow magnet and not even trying for them. Water looked inviting so Kelly and I free dove the kelp and checked out the life in the kelp forest. Its very interesting and he taught me allot.





    Thanks again dude and crew. Fun fishing on the Big Hammer swim baits and Iron. Oh got a few on the Blams or Whams or whatever you call those things going verticle. I will stick with swim baits. :taurus:
  2. DeVo

    Bummer that you didnt get into those great whites again but looks like you guys still had a great time!
    Thanks for the invite!....next time!
  3. SAGE

    Nice Brad, glad you guys got good weather down there.
  4. mike_w

    gnarly love the picture of the kelp
  5. GUERO

    Glad you guys got 'em Brad
    we had weather, wind was blowing by 10 on Sat and came early sunday morn so we split
    next time for sure
  6. J_Livi

    Awesome photos. Not as gnarley as your last venture down there, but still looked like a bitchen trip! Happy birthday by the way. Pretty soon you'll turn 30! That should be fun! Reid & I get to do that pretty soon here.:_hot_:
  7. jscrib

    WSB or not I would have fun being there.

    Ried is still handsome.

  8. moosedump

    thanx 4 the report. nice calico! and good yellow also!
  9. Jason Admin

    Looks like Kelly needs new shirts. When's the next trip down?
  10. 7raptor

    Did you shoot anything while diving?

    Nice checker Brad! Happy New Year!
  11. sealskinner

    Kelly is the #1 captain in SQ. Nice report.
  12. Neill

    Nice trip Brad, gotta fish down that way when we get the boat in the water.....
  13. Mstonefish

    Nice pics Brad, another load of big Calicos. Can't always catch #60 WSB :D Wish I could have made it down.
  14. medunn16

    It doesn't get any better then Calico fishing!!!!No bait,and long rod's,great job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. Null&Void

    sick report bro. i swear i'm gonna make it on one of these trips before you flee :D
  16. vellocity

    yeah brahhhdahhh..
    you guys killing it again!
  17. jimm

    Well done Brad and Co.!
  18. Johnnyfish

    Very cool pix Brad. Looks like a great trip.
  19. bradmaralbacore

    birdshit, natural born killer
  20. mireland

    Nice calico...Are you Brian and Jana's cousin??? You look real familiar...