10/11 rockfishing and etc.

Discussion in 'Southern California Inshore & Islands Fish Reports' started by oishi, Oct 12, 2010.

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  1. oishi

    headed to catalina island west end hump. got some salmon groupers and a few rockfish then headed to farnsworth bank limited out on rockfish. got couple of yellowtails on squid. weather was getting rough so headed back to the frontside. got some cuddas and calicos with some bonitas in the mix nice weather pretty good day i say.

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  2. amirravon

    look like a long day. starting at Catalina island and than to the hidden bank for tuna. Thanks for the report
  3. oishi

    thats a negative. 2 days 10/11 catalina 10/12 hidden bank
  4. makohunterz

    dang u guys had one GOOD day
  5. SoCal Homeguard

    Thanks for the report. Nice work.
    How'd you get the yellows? Flyline or dropper? Depth?
  6. oishi

    flyline live squid with no weights. #1/0 hook 20lb flour 12 ft with 65lb spectra.
  7. oishi

    the depth 50ft to 70ft frontside near frog rock.
  8. Tunaslam

    Nice variety, good job guys!