10 - 0 San Diego

Discussion in 'Nonsense Anything Boards' started by sealskinner, Dec 18, 2005.

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  1. sealskinner

    Maybe an asswhoopen. I hope the Colts don't wakeup.
  2. SeaJay

    Go Chargers!
  3. ConSeaMate

    YEA BABY!....GO CHARGERS!!!!!!
  4. Surfdoc

    Hell if this is a dream.. let me sleep 30 more minutes!!!!!

    Mr Manning meet Mr Merriman... we will be turning the lights out now! LOL
  5. jimm

    OUTSTANDING! For god sakes lets not resort to Marty Ball! Keep the intensity up. I am having a ball watching this game. If anyone can beat the Colts, its the Cahrgers!Death_To_ Death_To_ Death_To_ Death_To_
  6. Insomniac

    Yeah he's been looking like he's about to cry.:rofl:
  7. Saluki

    The 72 Dolphins have Champagne on ice!!!!!
  8. WhoFish

    Oh SHIT!

    Stan, go back to sleep!
  9. Fuck. Turnover's and penalties are killing the chargers!
  10. Buttchaser

    Come on now , Do you really think the chargers would win?:nutkick::)
  11. Fuck fuck fuck. I can't watch anymore... Marty ball is way too predictable.
  12. WhoFish

    :cussing: FUCK!:cussing:

    If the Chargers could play four quarters of football they'd be pretty damned awesome! :deadhorse

  13. baja_driver

    always marty ball...the offensive co-od sucks ass! I can't stand that fuck. every fucking game he changes and try's to get creative. they have one of the best offenses in the league..when they play 5yd ball they can not be stopped..but no. that fuck will do it every game..go away from what is working. indy is too fast to put LT 7yds deep. I can't take this shit.
  14. sealskinner

    Field goal. Back in BIZ!!!!!
  15. Smudge

  16. Saluki

    Turn out the lights............

    The jello's jiggling............

    The Butter is getting hard............

    The Champagne tastes good in Miami!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  17. Cartero

  18. SubLime

    Chargers Suck.........
  19. Smudge

    You gotta be kidding!!! TURNOVER!!!
  20. Dogman

    I'm not a chargers fan but I gotta say --way to go Bolts !Good pressure on Manning! and hey it's a good day my Steelers won also!