1 Week BD Exclusive!!!!

Discussion in 'BD Business Hookup's' started by JiGGZ, Sep 25, 2007.

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  1. JiGGZ

    Holly's Salon is going 100% Dayspa and needs to liquidate ALL of its high end retail inventory. These are the typical gifts and home decorations, purses, Hair and Nail products and accessories, Jewelry, Decorative Glass and Vases. Artwork etc. etc. etc. TONS of Items have to go NOW!

    I spoke to the owner and she is willing to start off this clearance with my fellow BD members but just for the first week. SOOOOO Starting Friday September 28th until Friday the 5th of October BD memnbers and ONLY BD members and Family can come in a mention BD and take an additional 15% off the Sales prices that will be made available to the public the week after. That makes some of the Items marked down 50% and some even 70%.

    The MAX goes back to 40% the week after the BD Sale.

    I already got mine so you need to get yours.

    No kidding people this is nice stuff. I have 3 pieces of her wall art in my house and they get complements all the time. This is nice stuff NOT Swapmeet ok? I doubt if many retailers mark this stuff down like this at all.

    Prices range from $5 bucks to $600.00 so there is somthing for everyone.

    Hollys is located at the corner of Girard and Wall Street in down town Lajolla.
    7863 Girard Ave La Jolla CA

    Same building as Jacks Resturant

    JiGGZ OUT!!
  2. barracuda Killer

    Dear fish God, Please get Nick on the water and let him fish, Amen

    sounds like a great deal man, thanks for the hookup
  3. JiGGZ

    Hey I am going to surprise yall in a minute. Im trying to get freed up for the Monday 1.5 : ) Fish better be here LOL