1.5 Day on the Legend 1/13-1/2012

Discussion in 'Southern California Inshore & Islands Fish Reports' started by gregory, Jan 15, 2012.

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  1. gregory

    Left on Friday the 13th with a load of 25 (I was #24, calling in at 3 pm on Friday to reserve my spot). Some passengers were from the cancelled Apollo 1.5 day trip. We left Seaforth just before 8. On the rock fishing grounds (Collente) by 7 (we skipped the yellowtail spot). At the first few drops, some lings and reds were picked up by the passengers but it was thick with giant squid. I was in 3 big tangles in my first 3 drops while fishing in the stern (newbies kept wanting to follow their line while on lighter weights). We moved to get away from the squid. I moved to the bow to get away from the newbies. The water was flat with no wind but a heavy current so our drifts were short. We anchored up and was heavily into the whitefish using squid. I got my limit on whitefish and total rockfish. But no lings. :lux:

    Big boat, good crew, hard fishing captain. Our boat had 15 lings plus 235 rockfish. Wanna thank Izorline for free line fill ups and prizes. :rolleyes:

    I hope I can load up my pictures.
  2. tsurikichi

    Hi gregory,

    With all the tangles ..... guess you could use the line !! :) Doesn't anyone listen and follow the skipper or decks pleadings on the light weights anymore ?! If they ain't got the weight, in desperation .... I'd offer them some if they were near me !!

    Sounds like a great trip !!

  3. spike

    Excellent Codding! Congrats on a good trip.

    I agree I have given 16oz to people that were not jerks and made friends, plus we both caught more fish But I am at the bow from the start. More room. Congrats on your trip.:hali_olutta: