1.5 Day/Eclipse 7/7-7/9 95 Alb,BFT YT 4 19

Discussion in 'Southern California Offshore Fishing Reports' started by hoookup, Jul 9, 2009.

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  1. hoookup

    Short Story:

    Eclipse out of Seaforth 1 1/2 day 7//-7/9
    19 people 95 fish

    73 Albacore 15-35lbs
    16 Blue fin 18-40 lbs 20-25 average
    6 yellow Couple of Rats and one in the 20's and 1 in the 30's

    Started at the 65 mile worked down to 70 mile area stopped on 3 kelps that produced most of the yellowtail. Caught up with 5 or 6 other boats at about 9:30 started with a triple on the troll. handfull of baitfish landed. Most of the action all day came off meter marks and chumming the fish to the boat. One of the early stops had bluefin mixed in and everyone started to get exited. We had a ripper stop at about 2pm where they had em foaming in the corner. 1 guy caught several droping the trolling jig down right into the corner. We ended up doubling our prior count by putting 31 on the boat. Mixed school of Albacore and Bluefin. Many causualites naturally with the mixed skill level of anglers. Many first timers aboard. Slowed down until we got a couple of stops bewtween 6 and 7 pm. Finished the day in the dark on a meter mark. again Kaos ensued as no one could see which way there lines were going. We managed 11 more albacore.

    Side notes
    One kid was getting killed on the megabait on several stops. He got several albacore, but was crushed when he lost 5 fish in a row during a couple of the bluefin stops by either getting sawn off or the treble hook pulling.
    Jig color didn't seem to matter, when the ate the jigs, that ate all the ones in the water.
    Bait was mixed big deans and average chovies. I got a bluefin on chovie, everything else was on a dean.

    Props for the Baot and Crew:
    The Eclipse is running out of seaforth and used to be the Rennagade.
    The totally went through the boat and did a great job Fixing her up.
    Mark, Chris, Justin, Paul, and a couple others did a great job. Customer service was their number on goal. Even if the fishing hadn't been as good I still would have had a great time.

    ps. could have left my trolling gear at home, as their troll rig set ups are brand new Avet Two speeds.

    if i can find the cable for the digital camera i'll try to post a few picks later

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  2. SAGE

    Thanks for the intel, solid report,,,,stoked you guys scored.
  3. SdStriperFish

    Thanks for the quick report. Sounds like a killer trip.
  4. jviffer

    I'm on that boat next week. Hopefully we'll hook up as well. Good times.
  5. zoul

    Great report. short and very informative. I haven't considered a charter for a long time, however I would consider it after a solid report like this... even without the pictures.

    Now about those pictures! Looking forward to seeing them.
  6. Ali Admin

    Sick. Nice work.
  7. KVH

    Thanks for the 411 brother. How was the weather out there?
  8. hoookup

    Weather was good. looked to be about 4' swell. a little breezy. overcast in the am, sun broke out for most of the day then overcast in the evening . Originally we thought we had 110 fish, but I guess when they pulled em out we were only at 95. almost made it over the hump. We did have several first timers, but everyone worked pretty well together.
  9. woids

    Who's the guy with the Yellowtail?
    I think he looks familiar.
    Nice pics and info
  10. dapooltec

    Way to go Bob
    Thanks for the report
  11. onedbatchelor

    Killer trip man great report. It was good fishing with you... To answer the weather question it was nice out there 3-5 foot mild mild wind. Side note Capt. Mark was fishing with NO side scan only up and down... New sonar should be on board by now but even without it Capt. found fish all day and at dusk when Chris took the wheel we had an epic stop in the dark with 11 fish hitting the deck. I farmed 3-5 fish cuz of not retieing. But in the end i had 10 albies and 1 yellow. I would def recomend having at least one 20# and 30# bait ready WITH FLORO and a 1-2/0 hook this way when you get on a good stop you dont have to re-tie or unfortinuatly farm.
  12. BuonaForTuna

    Those were some pretty good numbers and some quality looking fish. Good Job
  13. medunn16

    Hey,,,,,,,,,,,,,what time should I come over for some sushi?

    Well done!
  14. hoookup

    1st course down 2nd is on the table!!
  15. warzon

    Great report and pic's !
  16. hoookup

    3rd and fourth course down, working on number 5
  17. warzon

    Dam I'm hungry now that shit looks goooooooooood!
  18. woids

    Din-Din looks good. Motivated me to BBQ a slab of Yellowtail from the freezer. Still not the same as fresh sashimi. Save some for Sunday. Please.
  19. woids

    Hey does the Armenian with the Yellowtail have any good recipes for Yellowtail???
  20. woids

    Hey does the Armenian with the Yellowtail have any good recipes for Yellowtail????