1.5 day and gunny sacks?

Discussion in 'Southern California Inshore & Islands Fish Reports' started by TonyH54, Aug 8, 2013.

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  1. TonyH54

    I keep getting e-mails from one of the local SoCal landings showing results from their 1.5 day trips. lot's of BFT and yellowtail, and I am seeing gunny sacks hanging from the bait tank. Ya gotta be shittin' me, right?
  2. wils

    are the gunny sacks full with 10 tails sticking out? or are they just "holding" 1-2 fish while they bleed out and until a deckie has time to drop them.
    If you name the boat, maybe someone here can clear it all up for you.
  3. Carl

  4. TonyH54

    'K, It's Newport Sportsomthin' or other

    We have gunny sacks hung up so the fish can bleed out and cool down before we put them on ice
  6. Automator

    And do you steal passengers' fish to fill up Jose's truck with overlimits to sell in his restaurant? Or do you not work on the Thunderbird?
  7. TonyH54

    haha, here we go, questions to answers I am looking for.
  8. lynndeva

    the boat we went out on recently out of Seaforth had them, but they were not used....my guess is some boats that have had them, keep them there all the time regardless if they plan on using them for a particular trip or not? I have never been out on a Newport boat, so not sure about them..
  9. OIF VET

    Bullshit. Not one boat in newport has any operation that runs ice rsw or whatever to keep the fish cold. Don't bullshit people. There is a reason why those boats amigo aggressor t bird are cheaper than anywhere else. Don Brockman has never given a shit about customer service and it radiates with his boats and their service. There are a couple of good guys at newport John on the patriot likes what he does and Jeff on the t bird and jesse on the t bird all are good people. As far as Jose goes fuck him and Ricardo. Hey sometimes the truth hurts.
  10. bigjsandyballs

    Good topic. Always interesting to know the truth and who is just spitting bs.
  11. ?? fisherman

    Sure is alot of talk about peoples sacks lately!

    The unknown fisherman:p:
  12. Tunahead

    HA HA HA HA,,,,easy...the gunny sacks are used for a STOP in a short to wide
    open bite. Bled. Everyone has a numbered sack to quick dump fish in. After the bite
    all the fish are tagged with your number by the deckhands and after the blood
    washed off the decks, and everyone moved forward, they open the reefer
    brine fish holds and dump the numbered fish in the hold. The bags are temp use.
    Condor72513 005.jpg
  13. wils

    Damn. I thought you were going to post a pic of Gunnys' sack.
  14. calisnowhunter

    :rofl::rofl: "what do you think of your sack Gunny, I think it smells like Tuna" :rofl:
  15. Carl

    Well played....Excellent! :appl:
  16. 909MARIO

    Grabbing some popcorn for the show:hali_ruahahaha:
  17. Ducksgo

    X2 the landing an boats should be shut down for selling fish without a permit.
  18. Tunahead

    NO WAY then the Marines would have me pulled over at the Checkpoint
    next Wednesday afternoon on the way to San Diego....LOL LOL

    i heard of a recent trip out of point loma. 2 people that i know had 2 fish stolen well in the gunnys before they went into the salt brine. and by the time the boat hit the dock and the numbered fish were handed out 2 other people went to the captain becuase ALL of there fish were gone and the captain had to go to another boat and get fish to make up for what they had taken.

    it was a 1.5 day and from what it sounded like at least 12 blue fin just walked off the boat and no one saw a thing. on 30-60lb fish, 12 fish add up to alot of meat or $
  20. yakergreg

    I hate cattle boats.