05.31.10 Chubasco II - BBFC Slaying Yellows!

Discussion in 'Southern California Offshore Fishing Reports' started by Odium, Jun 1, 2010.

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  1. Odium

    Since Dean always travels up to LA to fish with us, some of the Bad Boyz finally made our way down to fish with Dean in San Diego. It's brutal waking up at 1:30AM and hoping on the road. I carpooled with Cappo. Hak carpooled with BassinChef. We got to the landing around 4:45 and Dean pulled up about 10 minutes after. We all boarded, payed up, and started rigging up.

    Most of us came armed with a Jigstick, Yoyo, and flyline setups. I personally had a Mint Tady C rigged for the surface, Scrambled Egg Salas 6x Jr for the yoyo, and 20# flouro and a 1/0 ringed hook for flylining.

    On the way out, we spotted another angler eating a BANANA. We all shake our heads but we didn't want to be rude and yell at the angler. Cappo snapped a shot of the angler.


    Angler tossed the Banana Peel in the trash can, about 15 minutes later I dug that banana peel out and tossed it overboard.


    Cappo passed out for about 30 mins on the trek out to the Coronados. Once we pulled up and anchored, Cappo was up on the rail without missing a beat. It sure paid off because he was the first one to get hit. I think he was using 20# line with a sliding sinker and a 1/0 on a perfection loop. Regardless of the setup, that fish woke him up fast! Fish worked him hard, but he worked the fish even harder! One yellow on the boat, pressure is on for the other BBFC members now!

    <Insert Cappo's Yellow Pics>

    After that, the fishing was a little slower but steady. When the yellows would school by about two or three would get picked up at a time. The guys throwing iron up at the bow were hooting and yelling everytime someone hooked up. I think it was BassinChef who got picked up next. He got picked up flylining a Sardine as well. His yellow worked him hard and made him run all over the boat. I saw him go back and forth on the stern about three times in both directions. Each time, he had a different fighting pose and at least two people yelling at him telling him what to do. He kept cool and worked that fish hard. Fish came to color and BassinChef laid the yellow out like a pro for the deckhands to gaff. Even more pressure on the rest of the BBFC.


    After a couple of other hookups around the boat fishing slows. Everyone is still really focused, but the tension on the boat is a little lower and everyone is nicely spaced. Everyone is getting picked up on the sliding sinker, so I follow suit and toss on a half ounce egg. Wind picks up a little and slowly swings the stern towards the island. As it starts swinging, I hit the Starboard stern corner and toss out a butthooked dine. My bait is running like a champ, it ran for like a solid 45 seconds before slowing down. Felt a little slack on the line so I backpeddled the spool a little, my dine got spooked and ran again. Then I felt a tap-tap-run, trying to keep my cool I slowly put my reel in gear and lift the rod tip. BAM! Bendo! I'm on!!!! The fish is ripping line off me, so I keep inching my level drag up. I can't get the yellow to slow down. I'm slowly pushing past strike, inching towards full strike; I finally slow down the yellow, the fish is hanging there, then the line goes limp. . . CHALE! I reel my limp line in as fast as I can, I'm calling it the reel of shame now. I check the end of my line, no curly tail, looks like a pretty sharp break close to the hook though. I'm guessing line fatigue. . . but I'm just trying to make myself feel better. Odium gains +1 skill at farming.

    I re-rig and I'm back on the rail fishing next to Dean. Dean's been soaking his dine for a while and it pays off. In the middle of our conversation, I just see him set his reel in gear and swing! Dean sets straight into a fighting stance and dances up and down that rail like a pro. It looked like the yellow was trying to run for some shallow rocks to break him off, but Dean wasn't having any of it. He turned that fish and winched him into his bag. Holy Crap, Hak and I are the only ones with the skunk still on. . . Pressure is intense!

    <Insert Dean's Yellow>

    Dean is back at the rail after bagging his yellow and all the Bad Boyz are lined up on the port rail. Dean starts saying, "It's always the guys who aren't paying attention who get picked up." Before he even finished his sentence, my dine gets slammed. This time my drags are set a bit tighter! The yellow looks like it is heading towards the shallow rocks and I'm trying my best to get him to turn. All of a sudden my line goes limp again, I reel hard hoping that he just turned and he's swimming towards the boat. I'm regaining a lot of line but I'm still not feeling any tension. I've already regained about 60% of my line and I'm starting to think I lost another one. All of a sudden, the yellow turns a wicked angle and starts ripping line off me again. The fishing gods must have blessed me for tossing that banana peel off the boat! With the drags set correctly this time, I start slowly pump and grind my yellow in. I finally get the yellow to color and then lay him out flat. Yellow wasn't even flat for more than a second before the deckhand landing a nice headshot with the gaff.


    Right now, Hak is starting to sweat bullets. Fishing is getting pretty slow and a few of the other sportboats have taken off looking for better fishing grounds. Hak reels in, grabs a new lively bait, and casts that dine out just short of where all the irons are landing. I'm checking he killed his bait, but looking at his spool, the dine is running pretty well. I look away for less than a minute then I hear yelling at hooting. I look back and Hak has a massive bendo! Hak leans back in a wicked fighting stance, but this fish is RIPPPPPPPING line off of him. He's tightening down his drags and it keeps running. Captain yells at a deckhand to check him out. Deckhand takes Hak's setup but he can't tighten the drag knob while an Avet is in gear. Captain tells him to button down to fullstrike and pray. I'm not sure if the deckhand set it to fullstrike or not. But when Hak gets his rod back, he's hanging the fish for about 30 seconds then he goes limp. I can't describe the look of horror on Hak's face. He checks his line and the break is somewhere before his mono/flouro connection.

    Fishing really slows down after this, captain tries to reposition a couple of times in the same spot but the fishing doesn't really pick up. So he decides to try the other side of the island. We wet our lines about a dozen times but no one is hooking up. We try one last spot on that same island and we sea a jetskii angler hook up on a nice yellow. I don't remember if anyone on the Chubasco hooked up on this spot but we didn't stay long. Captain decides to move over to a beach/kelp area about 30 minutes away? We all kind of settle down and rest a bit. Everyone orders up some hot food from the galley. Dean recommends the double Chubasco burger with everything.

    I spot another angler eating another banana. Again, I don't so anything to the angler. But once he tosses the peel in the trash can. I tell Hak to appease the fishing gods by tossing the peel overboard. If it worked for me, it might work for him!

    <Insert Hak's Banana Peel Toss>

    Halfway to the next spot, the crew spots a ton of birds crashing bait balls. Captain says we are gonna slide in on these crashing birds and guns it!! Everyone gets ready on the slide and it's complete F-ing chaos. Anglers slinging are slinging irons all over the rails. Everyone is crowding the handwells trying to get any bait. Holy crap! No one is shuffling, massive tangles etc etc. For the lucky guys who did hook up, the deckhands did a great job making sure they had the best chance to land their fish. Cappo was standing on higher ground when we slide up on the bait balls and he told us that he saw a ton of yellows streaking across the surface. A few of the yellows were landed and a few were lost. Barracudas started moving in after that. Captain said lets do it again.

    Second time on the slide, everyone is a little bit more prepared and informed. We are a tiny bit more organized, which isnt really saying much. As soon as we slide up on the next set birds, I got slapped in the face by a wave of water coming off the net tossing chum. Half fazed, I still get my bait out there and I shuffle down trying my best to follow. About four people are hooked up on the port side, three are rushing down to the stern. And then I see Hak with a bendo rushing up the stern. HOLY CRAP! The karma from the banana peel worked! I shuffled over to the starboard rail and I see Hak huffing and puffing, coming down the starboard rail. DAMN! His yellow is running him round this boat!! Captain tried to call it controlled chaos and I think that was a pretty good description. I lost sight of Hak once his yellow ran him back up the rail again. But a minute later, I see a deckhand walking a yellow down the rail on a gaff and Hak is following behind him! Never seen such a big smile on Hak's Face!



    The yellows sink out again and the captain keeps running and gunning, chasing them down. Dean hooks up and lands his second yellow on a dine one of the slides. A lot of us are getting stressed out on the slide, One guy is trying something different and tries yoyoing once the boat settles. Once the yellows start sinking, the yoyo hooks up. I make a mad dash for my yoyo and drop it right where I yanked it off the rod rack. I ended up dropping on the wrong side of the current and I'm drifting under the boat. I hit the bottom and start cranking like a madman. About seven cranks in I get slammed! Thankfully, the yellow swims away from the boat so I'm not rubbing on the hull. It drags me up around the bow and I'm slowly gaining line on him. I ended up making a few pumps on him trying to gain line and on one of the pumps I lose tension and he must have spit the jig out. Odium gains +5 skill at farming. . . It wasn't till later that Cappo told me that you're not supposed to pump on yoyo hook ups.

    We were already passed the time we were supposed to head back, but the fishing was so good the captain kept going. The only thing that really stopped us was the fact that we ran out of bait.

    All this running and gunning felt like we were tuna fishing and not hitting yellows. Just about every time the fish sank, the captain would gun it full throttle to chase the birds down. This was my first trip out of San Diego and I have to say, it feels great to go out with a captain who is more worried about catching quality fish than the amount of gas he is burning.

    And the rest of the pictures.











  2. yellofvr

    Great report, Felt like I was almost there.
  3. spike

    Nice report, excellent fishing.
  4. Carl

    Excellent report! Good job on the YT!
    Everyone seems to have positive things to say about the Chubby after ridin it I've noticed. It seems to be a good operation.
  5. 1bigfisch

    Nice write up. Glad you got a couple.
  6. kelp4brains

    little more info bout the fishing please
  7. Odium

    What kind of info were you looking for? Most of the guys were flylining, yoyoing, or throwing surface irons.

    For flylining, most of the guys were using 20-25# and a 1/0 or 2/0 hook. I did hear one guy say that he hooked up using 40#.

    For yoyoing, some guys were using sumos. I was using a Scrambled Egg Salas 6x Jr. I also saw Blue and white and mint colors being used.

    Surface irons, I saw a lot of tady45s. Lots of scrambled eggs, blue and white, blue and chrome, a few mints, a few other random colors.

    Hope that helps.
  8. finsane

    Great write up, congrats!
  9. nochinges63

    The CHUBASCO 2 is that a great boat or what and the crew foget about it
  10. jeffr1269

    Great detail report. Thanks a bunch.
  11. fishdinder888

    awsome must have been fun pulling the yellows on 20-25# line. Was flurocarbon necesarry or were the fish not line shy?
  12. Odium

    Hak and I were both using 20# Seagar Flouro. I know a lot of guys were fishing straight mono though.

    I think Dean was saying that lighter line was the ticket earlier in the week. Personally, I think for Monday, it was all about right place right time. If you had a lively dine soaking in the zone when the yellows schooled by, you were gonna get picked up. I mean, one guy did say he got picked up flylining on 40#.

    nice jurelitos!!!
  14. fishinkid2010

    Terrific Report!
  15. fishdinder888

    Thanks, Ill be heading out in a couple of weeks on a overnighter and we plan on targeting yellows. I was debating on if I should bring a 20lb setup. I'll now be spooling my luna 300 with some 20 paired with my teramar.
  16. lovefofish

    Well written report way to get em:2gunsfiring_v1:, You gotta love the captains that run and gun for fish, makes the trip alot more fun.
  17. fknricter

    great report! thnx again, im gonna try and make it down there by thursday or friday!!
  18. fishpelagic

    looks like a great trip
  19. joker63

    nicely written report...must have been wide if Cappo got a feesh!!...
  20. cappo

    haha I was actually first to hookup. :2gunsfiring_v1:

    Had a great time on the boat. Definitely will be back on the chubby 2.