05/21 made it out for a few hrs!!!

Discussion in 'Surf Fishing' started by fishnfu, May 22, 2006.

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  1. fishnfu

    Hadn't been out in a while due to a torn rotator cuff!!! The shoulder has been killing me lately. Sucks, going from fishing 5 to 6 times a week to 0!!! But it is what it is i guess.

    Was supposed to meet with a few friends from SD area today!!! Couldn't make it due to things having to get done around the house and being tired from cooking for 200 to 300 students and parents from my daughters school (PTA picnic for the entire school i was the cook)!!!

    Got out for a bit this afternoon for a few hours (low tide) found a nice hole and started tossing out sand crabs!!! The beans loved them!!! Got 6 of them. All the corbina were 18 to 20 inches and fun as hell to catch!!! These are the first beans for me this year and i got 6!!! Made me :) !!! Two of the fish were bleeding pretty bad due to deep hooks and hard hook sets!!! I invited those two over the house for dinner!!!

    I aslo had alot of short bites, turnes out i was hooking the crabs wrong!!! I was hooking then through the head. After i got bit and reeled it in the ass of the crab was gone!!! I figured out they were perch and wanted the roe. So they were eating the asses off the crabs!!! After the tide was getting higher the bean bite slowed down so i went to the MORF grub and started to slay the perch!!! Most of them were about 6" to 8" but alot of fun none the less!!!

    Did get slammed on the grub once, landed a 21" halibut with the MORF!!! that was cool.

    The totals for the couple hours were.
    BSP=15 to 20

    nuggets= plenty!!! :D

    Here are the pics!!!

    That's it for now, till next time!!! Tight lines to everyone!!!

    Cool report-thanks for the pics.
  3. GaffnLaff

    Looks like you had a killer day. On what beach?
  4. fishnfu

    It was good to get out again. I was going through some serious withdrawls!!! LOL
  5. Beerfish

    glad you got some paul. Beats what we did LAST time out!!:rofl:
  6. jbarto

    Damn Paul! Nice looking catch! How the hell did you tear your rotator cuff? Too much gay lovin'?
  7. SDtone

    thanks for sharing your report/pictures. I can't wait to catch a hali in the surf.
  8. Randy B

    Way to go bro.:appl:
  9. OBfishguy

    nice beans, 6 in one day that tops my life's work still waiting for #6,
    Location? I respect no comment if it is your spot. Plenty of work can go into a spot and get ruinied with to many fishermen. I wish people had more respect for other people spots many of mine were ruined simply by telling the wrong people, Remember the covina in the back bay? one night just the three long time people the next night 26 people showed and all took limits+
    now it is few and far between!:finger: :finger:
  10. Robert Loughran

    Hadn't been out in a while due to a torn rotator cuff!!! The shoulder has been killing me lately

    Paul, you've gotta stop spanking it, your shoulder will heal a lot faster!! Congrats on the fish!
  11. alBACKore14

  12. FishingDentist

    Paul, that's an amazing day. You don't see too many days with 6 beans of that quality. Sounded like an awesome day, way to come back after being land locked.

  13. fishnfu

    Thanks for the prop's fellas!!! It was good to get out and catch a few!!! The suprize to me was the hali on the grub!!! The corbina was good too, but the conditions just looked right!!! Low tide, plenty of sand crab beds and a nice hole right in front of the beds!!! I knew there were fish there. I didn't know if they would bite or not, due to the amount of people walking, splashing and fucking around out right in front of me!!! Fucking people have so repsect for anyone, i wouldn't go where they are swimming and cast out in front of them!!! Oh well, what are you going to do? I just continued to fish and if they got too close i would yell "MOVE ASSHOLE, YOU WANNA GET A HOOK IN YOUR ASS OR WHAT"!!!
  14. UnReel

    Congrtas bro, six beans in a day is killer and when they are of that quality its even better. Hope to see ya Sat or Sun morning and if you cant get any more sc let me know as I'll be heading out thurs or fri night to bait up and get ready for the weekend.
  15. fishnfu

    Sounds good brother!!! I'll call you or stop by the shop this week sometime!
  16. barndoor

    Nice Beans paul!

    P.S. beerfish is stupid
  17. Robert Loughran

    Yo Paul, I would like to fish Sat with you, let me know if you are heading down in the am. You have learned very well from Scribby!!
  18. PHOTOG

    You have the thexiest handsth Paul!

    HEY, call my cell fag, it works again, Lets fish saturday!