03 / 01 Bassin' on the Ducky w/Tailman

Discussion in 'Southern California Inshore & Islands Fish Reports' started by tsurikichi, Mar 3, 2011.

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  1. tsurikichi

  2. 247

    Always enjoy your post. With wind you find it hard to stay on Izors? Do you use a drift sock?
  3. tsurikichi

    Hi 247,

    Often the wind can be compensated for with Lal's expert boat-handling but dang .... with current raging and WAC(Y) wind against current ... continually changing .... as it's been .... it's a bear to have any kind of properly estimated tracks or time over a given piece of realestate !!

    Tailman has a drift sock on the boat but I've felt it was more trouble in lost fishing time (when drifting or around kelp) than it was worth. But I'm no experienced boater ..... what the *$%^ do I know about it for real !!

    Wonder if anybody swears by them and is willing to teach some of the successful strategies of use. It's gotta be more than just slowing the blow !!


  4. 247

    Thanks for response. Same experience last week at Izors. Ripping current/random wind blowing made it more trouble then worth staying there. Always looking for tips.