01/27 60 mile bank

Discussion in 'Southern California Offshore Fishing Reports' started by el bulgaro, Jan 28, 2005.

  1. el bulgaro

    11 pounds bonito 3 miles short of 60 mile bank.6 f swell and 1-2 f wind waves,0-11 knots wind.32 hours trip-6 $ :)
  2. Surfdoc

    Right on.... what was the water temp?? any signs of life.. bird schools,kelp???

    Glad ya got out there... first report we've had in a while!
  3. el bulgaro

    Some whales 6-7 miles south of 43.No fishfinder on board,water was purple/blue but temp????Just 1 kelp 2 miles north of 60 mile bank.Was desert fish?:
  4. Saluki

    Very cool, dude you are as hardcore as they come around here.

    WTG on the 1.5 day trip :appl:
  5. Waterpup

    I'm sorry I have no idea what you wrote. Can't stop looking at your avatar.
  6. Gil Marlin

    Did you fish deep at the 60?
  7. Razorback

    El B is our resident blowboater that get's major kudos and acceptance here because (1) He can Sail and Nail. THAT means he skippers a sailboat and lands offshore pelagics with the best of the power boat anglers. (2) His Avatar ranks in the top 10. :beerbang:

    Thanks for the report and glad the seas weren't treacherous.
  8. Squid Vicious

    he's one bad ass motha !!!!!!!!!!
  9. Jason Admin

    He outfished a few of our members last season LOL
  10. Saluki

    Rember the bite on the 43 and he was kicking everyones ass & pissing them off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Nothing like NOT getting bit and a sailboater circling you getting U.S. limits +++!!!!!!!!! Damn, talk about "In your face fishing" LOL That was funnier than hell!

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