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Impact Zone
Explore the world of fishing, hunting and everything outdoors in our visually stunning Impact Zones. For those of you who really are here for the pictures and not just the articles.
Mag Bay

Hawks Cay Event – Simrad and Lowrance 2016

Simrad, Lowrance and B&G Event at Hawks Cay Recently we had the privilege of visiting the Hawks Cay Resort in the Florida Keys for the...
roosterfish lure

Penn Clash and Crocodile Bay- A Winning Combination

Penn Clash and Crocodile Bay Resort Recently, Penn Fishing put together a diverse group of fishermen who are all involved with outdoor media and we gathered...

Bonita Strip Bait

Bonita Strip Baits The belly meat from a little tunny, nick named bonita, works great for making strip baits. You can troll the strips, or...
redfish fillet

How to Fillet a Redfish or Other Inshore Fish

Slot Redfish While I never mind releasing redfish to catch again one day, I equally enjoy keeping a nice slot size red for dinner.  Here...
cajun fishing

Buras Marsh Media Bash at Cajun Fishing Adventures

Louisiana's Cajun Fishing Adventures Lodge I recently had the pleasure of attending the first annual Buras Marsh Media Bash at Cajun Fishing Adventures  lodge in...
deep drop

Deep Drop Fishing – Weirdly Delicious

Fishing the Deep Deep drop fishing is a unique way to either save the day or add to the variety of a trip.  We love...
pargo snapper

Fish Species of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Yellowfin Tuna They don't call Puerto Vallarta Cow Town for its cattle industry. PV's cows swim offshore. If you want to put a 200- to...

Party Boat Fishing- What Long Range Trips Are About

Fishing the Big Boats Get in on the big boat action and check out what these single and multi day fishing trips are all about. The...

How to Install SeaDek Pads

Installing SeaDek Padding Step by Step Durable and shock absorbent, SeaDek pads are a clean-looking way to add traction to the deck of your boat...

The Dogs of BD

1 Welcome to the Dogs of BD Outdoors, brought to you by Rotations Pet Food! 2 Tag the wonder dog retrieves another quail for his owner, Jeff. 3 Jack...

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Introducing Women to Saltwater Fishing

“Daddy, take me fishing,” are four words any fishing father loves to hear from his son, but it has become a more common refrain...

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