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Simrad recently invited several members of the Southern California outdoor media to a demo day in Long Beach to show off their latest toys. Simrad let us test out the new line of NSS multifunction touch-screen displays and the network based accessories they control on the water, where we could really put the units through the paces.

simrad marineThe test boat was a badass 36-foot Yellowfin center console powered by triple 300-hp Yamaha outboards. Rigged up on the helm were a 12-inch Simrad NSE (non-touch screen) and a 12-inch Simrad NSS touch-screen display. Both units were connected to a full line of Simrad network peripherals including a sounder, radar, plotter, etc.

After an impressive demo of the NSS technology at the recent ICAST tackle show out in Las Vegas, we were anxious to see how it performed on the water. When we witnessed the functionality of the NSS first hand, we were very impressed to say the least. This touch-screen unit is a hybrid of sorts, combining a top-of-the-line multifunction display and the ease of use you experience when you sit down with an iPad. While this description sounds somewhat simplistic, it's really right on the money.

Simrad is the first company to combine all the power found in today's high-end marine electronics with the intuitive control and interface of the ultra-popular line of Apple IOS devices. Navigating the various screens touch screenof the device is as easy as sliding, scrolling or tapping your way around an iPad with your finger. If you currently use a smart phone or tablet device, you'll find yourself extremely comfortable navigating around the Simrad NSS.

You can set up custom pages that feature the data you want, such as a sounder on one side and plotter on the other or any variation therein, by simply dragging and dropping the screens you wish to display on a blank page. Configuring data boxes is equally as easy — just press and hold the box you want to change and select the new data you'd like displayed from a drop-down list. These features are just the tip of the iceberg. The NSS is capable of many different tasks, but every aspect of configuration and operation is equally intuitive and simple.

Gordon Sprouse of Simrad Yachting shows how easy it is to customize the display of the NSS Sport touchscreen.

Gordon Sprouse of Simrad Yachting shows how we've taken touch screen technology to a whole new level.