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July 11, 2011

I received a call from my good friend, Capt. Keith Denette, who owns and operates the Maximus, a long-range charter operation that runs multi-day trips to a number of killer spots out of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Keith wanted to put a trip together to the legendary Revillagigedo Islands. These four islands, known as the Little Galapagos, are located more than 200 miles southwest of Cabo. Because they're hardly ever fished, they truly are a fisherman's El Dorado for those boats that have the means to fish there. There was no way I was going to miss out on this trip.

"I did not hesitate to round up a good group of anglers and divers that I knew would want to explore the islands."


The trip quickly came together so we jumped into action and started to get the boat ready. Just prior to the journey we spent an evening catching bait, fueling and provisioning Maximus for our eight-day adventure.

There were a total of three captains onboard, including myself, my brother Scott and Keith. That would be more than enough eyes to cover the various shifts in the wheelhouse, and let our anglers fish till their arms fell off.

"Our buddy Hector worked in the galley and pumped out delicious food."

With a group of only eight anglers onboard for the adventure, there was more than enough room on Maximus, which offers comfortable bunks, living space and all the comforts of home.