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February 2014…I rode on the San Diego with a few buddies. Normal year, yellows hadn’t shown up yet. We felt like we were getting...
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eisenglass care

On most boats the isinglass windows on an enclosure will touch the metal support structure of a hardtop or tower leg. Over time this...
hook removal

renee johnson

BD would like to introduce you to our next Fishin Chick, Renee Johnson.  She shares her story and obsession for fishing. Q:Where do you live? A:I...

Building Life When it comes to fishing in the Florida Keys, the success of your day is usually determined by the quality of your bait....

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storm gear

Under Armour Storm Contest Under Armour is taking the outdoor world by storm with their quality gear for fishermen and boaters.  Here is your chance...


marlin tagging

The Hawaiian Islands are undoubtedly a special place for many reasons. In the eyes of many anglers, it is unique for being the only...


weekly sale

Most Southern Californian outdoorsmen are familiar with Turner's Outdoorsman, Southern California's leading hunting, shooting, and fishing specialty stores. They began in 1971 as a...
Dorado shootout

The Van Wormer Dorado Shootout has been scheduled for July 16th, 2016.  A great tournament for the whole family, there will be terrific prizes...


moldcraft lures

Moldcraft Reel Tight Melton International Tackle is offering 25% off Moldcraft's Reel Tight Softhead lures for a limited time.  You don't want to miss this...

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